Community Arts Project

Help Us Create the Ultimate Neighborhood in Which to Live, Work, and Play

This year, we are adding a new element: A Community Arts Project. The Community Arts Project will be the major focal point for the Good Neighbor Day Festival on Saturday, September 29, 2018, in Nashville, Tennessee. Festival participants will be invited to join in the creation of a visual arts installation that explores what a great neighborhood should look like.


Led by our lead artist and the staff of the Neighborhoods Resource Center and Nashville Civic Design Center, individuals will work together to create the ideal neighborhood. This project is about more than just creating pretty houses and streets. It will explore all of the elements that contribute to making a great neighborhood, such as diversity, green spaces and places to play, accessible transportation, and all the things that make a neighborhood feel like home.


This miniature neighborhood will be developed in the heart of the festival grounds in a 40' x 120' area. Participants will create their works in an adjacent arts tent, where staff will assist in the creative process and an exploration of what makes neighborhoods great. A video will be created that includes a drone tour of the miniature neighborhood and video excerpts from participants, explaining their work and why it is important.